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Packings: 7.5 gm, 10 gm, 25 gm, 60 gm, 100 gm, 120 gm and 1 kg
Range : Tie Guan Yin, Green Tea, Jasmine Tea, Shui Shen, Oolong Tea,
              Long Jin Tea and Liu Pao.
More details in PDF catalog

  • High grade Chinese tea leaves imported from China and packed in
    various sizes to meet our customer needs.

Packings: 1. 12 Bottles x 1000 ml
                2. 12 Bottles x 450 ml
                3. 24 Bottles x 375 ml
Flavours: Orange, Rose, Sarsi, Lychee, Barley, Mango and Cherry.
More details in PDF catalog

  • Flavoured fruit juice with permitted colour and ingredients.

Packings: 1. 12 Bottles x 1000 ml
                2. 12 Bottles x 450 ml
Flovours: Loh Han Kuo, Nutmeg, Lime, Plum, Chrysanthemum, Pat Poh,
                Lemon, Lime & Plum Juice.
More details in PDF catalog

  • Juices that contain the real juice from fruits and chinese herbs.
  • No preservative being added.


Packings: Nata - 1. 6 Bottles x 1.5 kg
                           2. 30 Bottles x 190 gm

Packings: Jelly - 1. 24 Packets x 130 gm
                          2. 20 Packets x 500 gm

More details in PDF catalog

  • Our nata contains very high fiber with juice added which is good
    for digestion and rich in vitamin C.

Packings: Corn Flour - 20 Packets x 400 gm
                Custard Powder - 20 Packets x 340 gm

  • Corn flour is widely used in cooking and custard powder is one of
    the ingredients for making cake.
  • Our corn flour and custard powder are imported and packed in
    the common size.

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